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The Benefits of Permanent Make-up:

 If you’re always running out of time in the morning and wish there was a way to cut down on your beauty routine, then permanent makeup may be the solution for you! Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is a popular beauty treatment that involves tattooing pigment into the skin to create the appearance of wearing makeup. It can be used to enhance your natural features or give you a completely new look.

Permanent makeup is a great solution for busy women who don’t have the time to apply makeup every day, or for those who have difficulty applying makeup due to physical limitations. It can also be used to correct asymmetry or enhance certain features, such as the lips or eyes. If you’ve ever been disappointed with the results of traditional makeup, then permanent makeup may be worth considering.

How Permanent Makeup Works:
Permanent makeup is applied using a fine needle and pigment that is inserted into the skin. The depth of the pigment depends on the desired effect. For example, if you want your eyebrows to look naturally filled-in, the pigment will only be inserted into the upper layer of skin. However, if you want a more dramatic look, the pigment can be inserted deeper into the skin.

The type of needle used for permanent makeup will also affect the results. A coil needle produces a thicker line, while a single-use needle produces a thinner line. Coil needles are typically used for fill-in work, while single-use needles are better suited for creating sharp lines and shapes.

Permanent makeup can last for several years, although it will eventually fade over time. Touch-ups are typically required every one to three years to maintain results.

 Is Permanent Makeup Right For You?
If you’re looking for a way to save time in your morning beauty routine, then permanent makeup may be right for you. Permanent makeup can be used to enhance your natural features or give you a completely new look. It’s important to note that permanent makeup is not right for everyone. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain materials, then permanent makeup may not be an option for you. Additionally, it’s important to select a reputable technician who has experience performing the procedure you’re interested in. Schedule a consultation with a qualified technician to find out if permanent make-up is right for you.

Laura has performed over 80,000 permanent cosmetic procedures. If you have had permanent make-up applied elsewhere, and are not satisfied with the color or shape, Laura specializes in all correction procedures involving previous permanent make-up.

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