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Permanent Cosmetics have been used for a wide variety of make-up enhancements such as scar camouflage, areola re-pigmentation due to breast augmentation or mastectomy surgeries. She enhances previous permanent make-up procedures. Plastic surgeons throughout our area and abroad recognize Laura’s work and refer their own patients to Laura’s Salon & Spa.

Since 1999 Laura has performed over 80,000 permanent cosmetic procedures. If you have had permanent make-up applied elsewhere, and are not satisfied with the color or shape, Laura specializes in all correction procedures involving previous permanent make-up.


Do you feel like you’re always running out of time in the morning? Do you wish there was a way to cut down on your beauty routine? If so, then permanent makeup may be the solution for you! Learn more about this innovative beauty trend below.


Do you feel like your brows are just not quite right, and no matter what you do, they never seem to look the way that you want them to? If so, then micro blading may be the solution for you. Micro blading is a relatively new beauty procedure that can help to give you perfect eyebrows. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new procedure.


Permanent eyeliner is a great way to save time and money as it does not require you to reapply your makeup every day. Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic procedure that uses micro-pigmentation to implant pigment beneath your skin for a semi-permanent line around the eyes.


A facelift is a major step to refreshing your look, but even the best cosmetic surgeons may leave behind scars that can be difficult to conceal. Fortunately, Laura has perfected a technique using permanent makeup to help you hide these scars and enjoy your refreshed appearance without them. Let’s take a closer look at how this process works.


Do you think the color of your areolas is too dark or too light? Do you feel self-conscious about their appearance? If so, there may be a surgery to correct the color of your areolas. Read on to learn more about this procedure.


This is a new cosmetic procedure that can help to restore baldness or thinning hair. Scalp micro pigmentation can give you the appearance of a full head of hair, and it is a much less invasive option than traditional hair restoration procedures.

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